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The Most Common Oral Health Mistakes

By Sasha Curry

The age of information has made for a particularly convoluted landscape of resources to choose from. Most of us know at least one person who read a Facebook post and suddenly became a scholar overnight. The point is, here at M Street, we believe in sharing resources that are firmly backed by science and that have been well vetted by experts in the practice of dentistry. 

With so many opinions around, how can you be sure that you are taking care of your oral health properly? Not only do we take pride in offering the best dental care in the business, we’re also here to help make sure your routine is as well rounded and effective as possible.

So, the question is, are you taking proper care of your teeth?

Let’s take a look at some of the most common mistakes you may be making with your oral health routine. 

Common oral care mistakes: 

Brushing TOO HARD

Most of us tend to think the harder the brush, the cleaner the teeth. While this kind of effort might prove useful clearing the rust from the trailer hitch of your truck, our teeth and gums  thrive most with more gentle and regular care. 

Our teeth and gums are a sensitive pair. Brushing too hard can lead to gum recession, increased sensitivity, and tooth structure loss. To optimize your oral health, we recommend using a soft bristled brush (replaced every 2-4 months). If you find that the bristles of your brush become frayed sooner than the 1.5 month mark, you could be dealing with a heavy hand and may want to invest in an electric toothbrush equipped with a pressure indicator. If you can adjust the rigger of your brushing, an electric toothbrush may not be necessary. Check out this ADA (American Dental Association) guide for proper brushing technique(s). 

Mouthwash instead of flossing

While ADA approved mouthwashes can serve as a helpful addition to your oral care regimen, it should never replace a regular flossing routine. Many of us equate bad breath to whatever seems to disappear after a thorough mouth washing. Unfortunately, the culprit behind bad breath and tooth decay is only partly attributed to what's alleviated using mouthwash. While mouthwash may help disinfect the inside of your mouth, it does nothing for the debris from eating that collects between your teeth and gums.

After we finish a meal food debris breaks down in our mouth into a compound known as material alba. Studies show that you have an 8-12 hour window before this then turns into plaque and tartar. This of course, will require a trip to the dentist to remove. The buildup of plaque and tartar can contribute to bad breath, tooth decay, and gum recession. Do yourself a favour and ensure that using mouthwash never replaces a regular flossing routine. Have a look at this guide to help build/improve your flossing routine. 

Not making regular visits to your dentist

Many of us are “I’ll do it tomorrow” types of people. We get it; life is fast, leaving little time for upkeep and self care. When it comes to your teeth, you can have the most comprehensive at home routine, but if you’re avoiding regular trips to your dentist (every 6 months or less), you may be shooting yourself in the foot, so to speak. 

Seeing your dentist regularly is one of the most effective ways to keep your oral health in check. Not only will you have the ongoing support of a dental professional, complications that may have been overlooked can be addressed quickly and efficiently. If you think you should wait until feeling pain or discomfort before checking in with your dentist, you’re wrong. Oral complications such as gum recession and plaque/tartar buildup are best treated by making regular visits to your dental professional. 

By maintaining your at home routine, while staying consistent with visits to your dental professional, you can be sure that wonderful smile of yours will be healthy and on point. Don't waste your money, book your appointment with M Street today. We’d be over the moon to hear from you. 

Today, we’ve covered some of the most common mistakes you may be making with your oral care routine. Your smile and the health of your teeth and gums should be something worth enjoying. Our experts here at M Street are here to guide you in any way you need. Let us do the work so that you can simply enjoy smiling.

From all of us at M Street,

Take a seat, we’re here to help!

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